Gitte van Helvoirt


I have a love for well-made things. The journey of by gitte started 10 years ago with my first iPad, it needed a cover or sleeve. I couldn’t find such a sleeve, I made it myself.
I am inspired by the materials I work with, vegetable tanned leather and wool felt are 2 of the oldest materials made by mankind. And still today they are durable and long-lasting.
I believe these materials are at their best, used in understated designs. I highly believe in connecting beauty and function.


I am convinced that surrounding yourself with nice things will help you work better, be more productive and create a state of contentment and calmness. For instance, when you write with pen and paper, you want a nice and useful pen. Then you want to protect your pen, keep it in a pen pouch. Using your pen, taking it out of your pen pouch, it becomes a little ritual before writing. I write with a fountainpen that belonged to my grandfather. I treasure my pen, it is a little heirloom. Every time I take it out of its pouch it is a little reminder of him and it brings me joy to write with it. I believe happiness lies in little things.

My products are designed and made by me. I choose useful over cool, timeless over trendy and small batches over mass-production.  I want my products to be subtle and effective, never getting out of fashion or just be decorative.

We live and grow, and every experience leaves a mark, a memory. Your life is your journey with great adventures, little moments and things to remember. The things you surround yourself with, take with you on your journey, will show those memories and become treasured items.

I made it for you, you make it yours!

– Gitte van Helvoirt

• connecting function and beauty • consciously made • natural luxury •

by gitte custom made notebook cover

Want a commissioned by gitte item?

On Instagram you can spot a lot of photos of bespoke products. Standard products made to measure or unique pieces at request. A few of these items are now part of the collection, for example, the desk tray and the book hanger, I am sure more will follow.

We use technology every day to communicate. When you connect with by gitte, you connect with me, real human interaction. I like to hear from you, if you have a question, would like to get an item especially made for you. Shoot me an email!