Taking place on the first Friday of November each year, fountain pen day is celebrated by enthusiasts worldwide as a time to embrace, promote and share the use of fountain pens.

Writing in a journal can help

As you know I am an enthusiast for writing and fountain pens.
Writing and meditating are my two most important self-care activities I do every day. Besides Pilates, reading and walking the dog (Shinrin-Yoku, look it up, it is fun and you don’t need a dog for it)

An article in The New York Times last Sunday explained why keeping a journal can help, it even mentions a better sleep! I know I want a better quality of sleep, so I’ll keep on writing!
Keeping a journal helps you organise your brain. You can free yourself of pondering by writing down thoughts and experiences, letting go the processing of your experiences. That helps you sleep better. This in turn improves your immune system and your moods. The next day you feel more relaxed, happier and open minden to other people.

by gitte Pen Etui

What do I write about?

Actually it doesn’t matter!
You can write with a timer, say 20 minutes, or length in pages, say 3 pages (start small with 1 page or just 5 minutes at a time) as a brain dump every morning. Don’t mind grammar or punctuation just put the words on paper as you go.
You can also start the day with asking yourself some questions to reflect on, like what are you grateful for, or what would make this day great? On (in Dutch) I read a blog with a few interesting questions. Being grateful makes us see the little specks of sun light through the day and making our negative thoughts look smaller. When you put your daily specks of light to paper they become more valuable and our brain is going to make more positive connections. In the long term, you as a person become more positive. Maybe you now understand why I like talking about writing with fountain pen on paper, I am looking for those little specks of sun light 🙂
I love writing with the long lost fountain pen of my grandfather I recently recovered. And an other little secret: I write with green ink, it is known for promoting creativity and stands for harmony and positivity! ( Lamy)

by gitte Pen Sleeve Naturel

Personal pen sleeve

I can’t help you find your favourite fountain pen, that is your own personal quest, but I do make sleeves to protect your  writing instrument. Even the sleeve you put your pen in is personal. When you find your true love fountain pen you want to protect it for all time. I made this sleek and elegant sleeve for carrying a single pen. The black edition has a soft shine to it, and the nude leather will develop a golden patina over time, your doing makes it shine.
Writing with the old Waterman fountain pen that belonged to my grandfather I had to buy a new nib for it, because a fountain pen is that personal, I couldn’t write with my grandfathers nib.
A last note about making it personal: with every new order in my shop, there is a name to it, your name. I have little or no stock, so almost every item is made to order with you in mind. That makes it personal, not just the making of it, but also the wrapping up and writing my thank you card. I really believe happiness lies in small daily moments.

Have a great fountain pen day and keep on writing!